Monday, November 4, 2013

Featured Photographer/Director/Producer: Anita Dark Vuitton

Anita Dark Vuitton has become one of the most popular porn stars around, owner of Dark Productions.  It is amazing when a porn star not only is featured in work but has the ability to produce their own amazing talents.

Anita brings a unique perspective in her photos from contemporary, elegant, x-rated and fashion-inspired while still capturing a photograph that is timeless.

I was honored when Anita asked me to pose with her because she is truly a person with a eye unlike any other, she makes sure to even add details as picking the perfect scene, her photos are inspiring.  Anyone can take a photo, it is the art and uniqueness that makes the photo brilliant, which Anita is perfection.

Anita is a triple threat, she is a photographer, producer and director of photo shoots and films.  
Keep on the look out for new hot releases from Anita.

Check out Dark Productions films on SLPornTube:

A special thank you to Jasmine Skyward for all of the amazing updates to SLPornTube and for providing us a place to upload and watch SL Porn.

Check out Dark Productions on flickr: 

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