Sunday, August 12, 2012

Featured Photgrapher Phoenix Salubria

What better day to feature one of my favorite Photographers, Phoenix Salubria, as she has won THE SEXIEST® PHOTO OF JULY on the Pornstars Blog. (click pornstar link to the right of my blog)

Phoenix is one of the sweetest individual I have ever met.  I first met her on a set for "Sick Puppy", where she was co-directing a film.  Not only is she talented in photography she is very talented in co-directing SL films.

I have always loved Phoenix's brilliance when it comes to her detail, her eye to get the perfect shot.  She really focuses on the avatar, with her editing skills it is like our avatar comes alive.

Please check out Phoenix Salubria's flickr,

Thank you Phoenix for your amazing talents.


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