Thursday, July 24, 2014

The Brothel

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The Brothel is a house where men come to engage in sexual activity with a prostitute. Various themed rooms and story lines.    

Sex Scenes (escorts purchased for services by the patrons):
SweetMels with Chan Tyree
Erika Thorkveld with Kyle
MrRush with Carly Mode
JayJay Moyet with Dillion Lecker
MrRush with Juicy Tequila
River Oryl with Kain Flux
Deirdre Paulino with Tosh Fitzcarraldo
Meg Corral with Hoobdiddy
Lady Bane with Gaheris Edelmann
MrRush with Shannon

Carly Mode - stripper
Deirdre Paulino - escort
Dillion Lecker - patron
Edvard Taurion - patron
Gwen - escort
Ivori Faith - escort
Javall - patron
Juicy Tequila - stripper and escort
Kimmie - escort
Lady Bane - escort
LemonSqueezes - escort
Lyleah Silverblade - escort
Malibu Mint - escort
Meg Corral - escort and stripper
Moon - stripper
Psycho Solari - patron
River Oryl - escort
Sandee - escort
Shannon - stripper
Tegan Parx - escort
Vixeee - escort

DISCLAIMER:  Everyone in this virtual film is 18+ years of age ALL OVER THE LEGAL AGE, I do not own the soundtracks, promo only, HBIC Productions is not a real life company it is a porn production in the game called Second Life, there is no real actions at all in this film, no real profit.

 "Remember people only rain on your parade because they're jealous of your sun and tired of their shade."

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