Sunday, August 19, 2012

Featured Photographer/Producer Kain Flux

I decided to feature my closest friend in Second Life today, Kain Flux, SL porn Photographer/Producer.  The founder of Big Daddy Entertainment.

Kain Flux has come a long way from his start in the SL porn industry and where he is today.  I first would like to feature his very first ever SL porn film, "An Evening With an Escort."  I was honored to star in his first film, which was also my first film.  I look back at this film and realize he was an artist in the making.
Click below to watch "An Evening With an Escort"

Kain brings to life his fetishes in his work.  I recently worked with Kain for his Foot Fetish modeling shoot.  He truly tells a story by all of his photography shoots.

Kain has raised the bar on many levels especially with his An American Nightmare film.  This film went beyond what anyone as ever seen in SL porn.  This film left the porn community with many opinions.  When Kain has a vision he brings it to the table.  His mind by far is beyond the average person.

Kain thank you for delivering excellence to the SL porn world.

Kains Flicker: 

Kains films produced and starred in: 


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